About Us

About Us:

The owners and staff of Adrenaline Sports (Qld) are passionate about Go Karting, with champion State and National Go Karting Titles held between several team members on bitumen and dirt tracks. We have many years of karting experience and are ready to share our safety tips, skills and addiction to fun and adrenaline with you.
We deal in fun. We want you to have as much fun as we do in a safe and exciting environment. Life is too short to stay stuck and unhappy. We choose fun. We choose joy. We choose life.  We choose ADRENALINE. We want to encourage every person who walks through the door. We see you.


We believe that we can make a difference. If we can spread a bit of fun, laughter, joy and encouragement into people's lives - we think we've done ok. We believe in community. We support local businesses and many community and disability groups. We want to become a community hub for many activities and events. We believe in second chances and having a go. There's room for everyone.