Safety Policy

Your Safety is our Number One Priority

Go Karting can be dangerous. Age and weight restrictions apply. Children 10 -13 yrs are able to drive the 4 hp junior karts. Drivers 13+ are able to drive the adult 6.5hp karts. There is a weight limit of 130kgs. The safety harness seat belt must be secured correctly. Pregnant guests are not permitted to drive or walk on any area of the track or pit areas. Guests with serious medical conditions are also not permitted to drive. For your safety, our karts are equipped with De Haardt Remote Controlled Safety System which allows us to control the traffic lights and the speed and power of individual karts or the whole fleet on the track at once. Every kart has roll bars, full safety harness seat belts and intrusion protection fitted to ensure we offer you the safest ride at all times.

Before being seated in the kart, all drivers complete a driver safety induction. Track marshalls assist with helmet selection and fastening. We take your safety very seriously. Should you be injured, we will endeavour to provide you the best available care and request that you complete an incident report form prior to leaving the venue. All injuries, no matter how small should be reported to a Senior Track Marshall on the day.

No deliberate bumping or swerving of the karts is permitted and drivers are required to follow the instructions given by track marshalls at all times.
No verbal or physical abuse will be tolerated and drivers who fail to observe this policy will be asked to leave the track immediately.


We provide helmets for all drivers to use. You are most welcome to bring your own full faced road standard motorbike helmet, as long as it complies with the AS/NZS1698 standard and has a visor or goggles. For your safety, helmets are cleaned with disinfectant and fan dried after every use.

Hygiene Safety

All drivers are required to sanitise their hands before entering the pits. All drivers are required to wear a balaclava with our helmets. The use of these items effectively controls the spread of germs and is mandatory requirement. Balaclavas can be purchased at the Cafe for $5. 

Hair & Clothing Safety Policy

All drivers with Long Hair  are responsible for keeping the hair fully retained within the balaclava at all times. We recommend that long hair is tied back or plaited to ensure safety. Loose clothing is not permitted as it can tangle in moving parts. We don't recommend trying to drive go karts in a skirt. We recommend drivers wear long pants. All drivers must wear closed shoes.  We also recommend the removal face piercings before driving to avoid facial injuries in the event of an accident. Drivers also need to remove loose objects from pockets. We insist that everything is removed from pockets before driving. Do not take phones and keys in your pockets onto the track. (Lock valuables in your car.) Failure to do so may result in serious injury and/or cancellation of all rides on the go karts.